Hireworks - Live

We deliver practical innovations to help broadcasters deliver live content. With our matchless technical support, best-of-breed equipment at competitive prices we believe we offer the desired combination of an outstanding level of service and value for money.


Hireworks was approached late 2013 (by Shed TV) to help design and implement a workflow to capture 10 streams of HD video, with 32 tracks of audio for 12 hours per day without stopping. The primary focus of the workflow was to capture, record, backup and make proxies, all in a real time environment. After discussing previous workflows and hardware with the client, we presented an integrated EVS / Avid Solution. This workflow allowed us to create HD masters and SD proxy files in an Avid compatible OPAtom file format, which means there is no importing, transcoding or manipulation of the files needed when it reaches the edit suite.

The proxies are dropped straight in to an Avid MediaFile folder to be databased; once the database is built the editors can start working. We ensure the Proxies inherit all the relevant metadata from the masters which makes the relinking / conform stage a quick and simple process. We have continued to improve and expand the workflow (for subsequent series of First Dates, First Dates Hotel and similar style Reality format shows including Child Genius, One Born Every Minute and A league of their Own) adding additional streams of video and audio and modifying the workflow to be interplay compatible.


Back in 2016, Hireworks was given the fantastic opportunity to work alongside NEP UK to offer a multiple editing solution to a number of Broadcasters. Each setup consisted of numerous Avid Symphony online edits and Media composer off lines, all connecting to 64TB of Avid shared storage, while offering full EVS integration using Avid Interplay to seamlessly connect the 2 production environments.

This also included 24 hour onsite technical support for our installation. By the end of the Championships we processed in excess of 600 hours of DNxHD120 material.  Hireworks were rewarded the contract again the following year.